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#F1 Wild berry / Лесная ягода

Vanilla sponge , berry mix mousse with chocolate, wild berry compote, vanilla cream

Bestseller for children's parties

#F2 Berry cake / Ягодный пломбир

Vanilla sponge cake and light berry cream

Gourmet Taste

#F3 Cookies raspberry cake 

Vanilla cookie, cake vanilla cream and raspberry sauce

Bestseller who loves the combination of chocolate and berries

#F4 Raspberry cranberry chocolate

Rich chocolate biscuit- Mousse with Belgian chocolate- Raspberry cranberry confit- Vanilla cream

#F5 Pistachio berry cake

Pistachio sponge cake - berry mousse - berry confit - vanilla cream

#F6 Chocolate, caramel and hazelnuts

Chocolate biscuit - homemade caramel - roasted hazelnuts - vanilla cream

#F7 Coconut Cake with Walnut and Berry Souffle

Coconut biscuit - berry mousse - roasted almonds - coconut cream description

For Oreo Cookie Fans

#F9 Oreo cake

Chocolate Biscuit - Vanilla Oreo Cream - Chocolate Cream

#F8 Carrot Cake

Carrot sponge cake - caramel - cream cheese cream

Exotic flavor

#F10 Mango chocolate cake

Chocolate sponge cake - Mango mousse - Chocolate mousse -Mango compote - Vanilla cream