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Cake flavors

All our cakes have European roots. We only make cakes from organic and high quality products from scratch. These are the most exclusive flavors from which you will be delighted. We want every customer to get a delicious cake and be satisfied.


#F1 Wild berry / Лесная ягода

Vanilla sponge , berry mix mousse with chocolate, wild berry compote, vanilla cream

Bestseller for children's parties

#F2 Berry cake / Ягодный пломбир

Vanilla sponge cake and light berry cream

Gourmet Taste

#F3 Cookies raspberry cake 

Vanilla cookie, cake vanilla cream and raspberry sauce

Bestseller who loves the combination of chocolate and berries

#F4 Raspberry cranberry chocolate

Rich chocolate biscuit- Mousse with Belgian chocolate- Raspberry cranberry confit- Vanilla cream

#F5 Pistachio berry cake

Pistachio sponge cake - berry mousse - berry confit - vanilla cream

#F6 Chocolate, caramel and hazelnuts

Chocolate biscuit - homemade caramel - roasted hazelnuts - vanilla cream

#F7 Coconut Cake with Walnut and Berry Souffle

Coconut biscuit - berry mousse - roasted almonds - coconut cream description

For Oreo Cookie Fans

#F9 Oreo cake

Chocolate Biscuit - Vanilla Oreo Cream - Chocolate Cream

#F8 Carrot Cake

Carrot sponge cake - caramel - cream cheese cream

Exotic flavor

#F10 Mango chocolate cake

Chocolate sponge cake - Mango mousse - Chocolate mousse -Mango compote - Vanilla cream

New bestseller !!!

#F11 Mr Cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookies - Salted Caramel - Peanut Ganache - Vanilla Cream

#F12 Cherry chocolate

Chocolate biscuit - chocolate cream - cherry compote

Gluten Free

#F13 Esterhazi / Almond cake

Almond Layers - Custard cream


#F14 Honey cake

Honey Layers - Vanilla cream. You can add nuts, prunes or raspberries

#F15 Honey chocolate cake

Honey Layers - Custard сream . You can add nuts.

Ideal for kids parties

#F16 Vanilla chocolate and banana

Vanilla and chocolate biscuit - banana - vanilla cream

For nut lovers

#F17 Hazelnut cake

Hazelnut sponge cake - hazelnut cream - vanilla cream - hazelnuts with caramel

Classic taste

#F18 Red Velvet

Red velvet biscuit - cream cheese